In just a few short years, true wireless earphones have gone from sonic moonshot to a rite of passage for virtually every headphone maker, from Apple to Jabra to Skull Candy.

Pulling the buds free, the first thing you’ll notice is how classy they look (we got the gray version, but they also come in black), followed shortly thereafter by the revelation that these things are pretty dang big — more apparatuses than earbuds — with long, protruding sound tubes and multilayered housings.

Along with the case, the headphones come with four pairs of silicon eartips, two sports fins called “3D Loops,” and a small Micro USB charging cable.

Packing large 11mm drivers, an AKM AK4375 DAC (digital-to-analog converter), and Bluetooth audio codecs like AAC and aptX, the CKR7TW are purpose-built for performance.

Audio-Technica even created an isolated housing structure to keep the electronic circuitry from invading the acoustic space, building its top-tier true wireless buds like a sonic sports car, tuned for performance above all.

For starters, the CKR7TW lack water resistance of any kind.

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