Cryptocurrency exchange desk Coinbase has handed out a massive $30,000 bug bounty for a critical vulnerability in its systems.

The flaw was logged on February 12 via Coinbase‘s vulnerability disclosure program on HackerOne.

A Coinbase spokesperson confirmed to Hard Fork the vulnerability has since been fixed, but could not provide any further details about the issue in question.

The vulnerability report is closed to the public, but considering the high bounty of $30,000, it seems the flaw was rather severe.

Currently, Coinbase has a four-tier reward system based on the impact of the bug: $200 for low, $2,000 for medium, $15,000 for high, and $50,000 for critical impact.

“In order to be deemed valid, a report must demonstrate a software vulnerability in a service provided by Coinbase that harms Coinbase or Coinbase customers,” the company’s bounty terms stipulate.

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