Remunance Systems Pvt Ltd offers end-to-end Payroll Processing & Outsourcing Services in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Noida, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Chennai, Ahmedabad which features Web based payroll system, Built on A-O-P-E Model, On Cloud, Flexible and Customizable, Value & Control Based Report Generation.

Bring on our software and service expertise to manage your monthly end-to-end payroll services.

Time tested in 6 years with +150 customers being serviced in India, informative and 24x7 interactive to its customers, MakeMySalary as a secured, customizable, hack-proof, updated and upgradable payroll service portal today, is your best outsourcing payroll service partner to run your payroll process.

From a complete automated system of data collection to real time process experiences to monthly employee payroll Reports, MakeMySalary is the software service that allows you to relax and focus on your business goals.

Tracking the life cycle activities of an employee in any organization can turn to become tedious with back-forth detailing, miscommunications and miscalculations, subjective errors and result in employee dissatisfaction and grievance.

So, to compute, calculate and render the monthly salary of an employee is an extremely detailed task any organization needs to fulfill.

Be it an employee who is the kingpin of this software, or the HR management who need to focus on building employee retention and contribution, to tax and government bodies, MakeMaySalary as a end-to-end payroll software solution ensures critical data is confidential continuous and secured.

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