Renting books from Amazon can be more economical than buying them, but you must ensure they are returned on time.

If you return a rented book to an Amazon Pick-Up location, it may mean your item is marked "returned" faster than with other carriers.

You'll get a prepaid shipping label to print, and you can send multiple rental books in the same box as long as they are included in your return packing slip.

If you're looking to save money on a school textbook that you don't need to own, renting that book from Amazon could be the ideal route to go.

Though you'll need to return books on time to avoid fees and really capitalize on your savings, Amazon makes returning a book rental a relatively easy process.

The ecommerce giant automatically checks the shipping status of a rental item you have requested to return, and returning items to a local Amazon Pickup location will result in the item being marked as "returned" in your account a little faster than with other carriers.

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