Video ads that are optimized for Twitter are far more effective than repurposed television commercials, according to a new study by GroupM, which was commissioned by the social network.

Twitter and GroupM shared the following best practices for optimizing video for the social network: Include upfront branding, create ads that are effective even when the sound is off and, most important, make an impact in the first three seconds.

GroupM used eye-tracking and facial-coding technology from EyeSee and exposed Twitter users who were recruited online to either the TV spot or the Twitter-optimized video, tracking the results.

Those users were also prompted to complete a virtual shopping task so that GroupM and Twitter could analyze their purchase intent.

GroupM found that 97 percent of respondents saw the Twitter-optimized video ad, versus 94 percent for the TV commercial, pointing out that while the 3 percent difference may not seem like a lot, it actually translates into several thousand more people seeing ads.

Twitter-optimized ads proved to be more memorable, as well, with GroupM finding that they tallied 19 percent more unaided recall and 6 percent more message association than television spots.

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