Volvo wants to help reduce injuries and deaths from car accidents, regardless of manufacturer, so it is embarking on a new initiative to share information with other carmakers.

Volvo announced Wednesday at a press conference in Sweden that it will share its data on crash-test safety with other automakers for free.

The data-sharing move comes in the 60th anniversary year of the automaker's decision to equip all cars with three-point seatbelts as standard.

Three-point belts thus quickly spread worldwide, which Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson told journalists "has probably saved over one million lives, not in Volvos only but in all brands."

Volvo has a huge trove of crash-test data that it can share, and it's thanks in part to those three-point belts.

In 1966, the company began studiously examining crashes involving Volvo cars to see whether seatbelts made a difference (spoiler alert: they reduced injuries by 50 percent).

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