Many people are experiencing the issue of cancer. With chemotherapy, the problem can be prevented. At this point, you are also taking certain medications which can leave certain side effects. One such issue which gets triggered is hair loss. Once the treatment is finished the hair will grow back in 3 to 6 months. In this article, we will discuss various ways in which you manage this problem effectively.

  • Be gentle with the hair

Always be gentle with the hair while you are experiencing the issue of hair fall because of chemotherapy. You should not use shampoo and conditioner which contain any type of harmful chemical, alcohol, salicylic acid, or any strong fragrance. Also, make sure you do not color or use any chemical on the hair. For brushing the hair use a soft-bristle comb and do not blow dry the hair.

  • Go for short haircut

You can make your hair look thick and full by cutting your hair short. If you are planning to shave the head than either use an electric shaver or get them cut from a professional. Use of plastic razor should be avoided as they can leave a scar on the scalp.

  • Take proper care

As you start losing the hair the scalp will become tender and itchy. In some cases, people have a tingling sensation. You can gently massage the scalp with a lotion as well as the use of shampoo and conditioner can also help.

  • Cover the Scalp

While going out, you should cover the scalp with a hat or a scarf as sunrays can also make the hair brittle and unhealthy. Also, apply sunscreen on the scalp so that sunburn does not occur.

  • Scalp Cooling

During the chemotherapy, you should ask your doctor about scalp cooling option as it can also prevent the problem. This will reduce the effect on hair follicles as it helps in reducing the blood flow to the scalp. As compared to other treatment options its results have been more effective.

  • Use a Silk pillowcase

Use of silk pillowcase can also prevent the problem because it does not cause friction to the hair. While sleeping you should wear a soft cap too so loose hair can be collected easily. You should not tie the hair in a ponytail or even braid it.

  • Choose a wig or hairpiece

If you are thinking of wearing a wig than you should buy one before the treatment which matches the hair color, texture, and style. Even some of the health insurance company also cover the cost of hairpiece if the doctor has written this on the prescription. Make sure you consult the doctor as they can guide you better about the entire process.

  • Be patient

It is okay to feel nervous and sad. No doubt, at times it will become stressful to handle the situation. So, it is better if you share your thoughts with family and doctor.

After the treatment, if the problem is not going away then you should consult the doctor about hair transplant as it is one of the best treatment options. The hair growth is natural and it also gives permanent results.