Apple opened the event with several major upgrades to existing apps and services, starting with a new magazine and newspaper subscription offering called Apple News+.

Then the new Apple TV app and the completely new Apple TV+ service, which was the part all the celebrities talked about.

While it weirdly felt like an awards ceremony at times—with Hollywood A-listers patting themselves and Apple on the back for doing great things—some of the new Apple services look pretty cool.

Tim Cook opened up the event with a cute little story about how he likes going to the newsstand and looking at all the magazine covers.

This is quaint because it’s increasingly hard to find a newsstand, which is probably why Apple talked about enlisting over 300 magazines—including National Geographic, Popular Science, Billboard, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine, and Variety—for its new Apple News+ programme.

Apple News+ is pretty straightforward.

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