the Product makes it possible for enterprises to virtualize Windows 7 and 10 to Azurebaserade virtual machines, where multiple people can use one and the same machine.

”Now, when Windows Virtual Desktop-beta pops up so it takes us a step closer to pc-death”, writes our us sister magazine Computerworlds columnist Steven j. Vaughan-Nicholas writes in a chronicle, and continues:

”I see a world where pc-the desktop has disappeared for all except for a few.

most of us will write our documents, filling in our sheets, and do all other things as we do now on the pc via the cloud-based applications on the smart terminals to run Chrome OS or Windows Bit.”

When Computer Sweden calling around to people in the Swedish it-industry is not really that the Windows Virtual Desktop, get these dramatic consequences, at least not in the short term.

"No, in the beginning, I do not think this will have any effect on pc sales at all," says Ove Bristrand, ceo of systems integrator Netintegrate.

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