The world of marketing is something that is continually adapting, developing and changing and it is essential that organizations large and small keep up to date and embrace new techniques, channels and strategies to keep their existing customers satisfied and to attract new customers.

Whilst many companies have, for the last few years, tended to find a content format that suits them and focus all their efforts on producing consistent, quality content for their chosen approach on a regular basis, this is changing.

Customers now expect to see organisations using every channel available and developing tailored content for each.

Firstly, it can be developed as a direct channel for marketing and secondly, it can be used to support marketing efforts elsewhere online, allowing customers to link directly from an SMS to a website or app.

However, providing an alternative experience for the customer does not necessarily have to be expensive and technically challenging.

If, like many organisations, you have developed a reward scheme to incentivise recommendations, then link it up with your bulk SMS campaign and send regular communications by SMS.

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