Monday is the most environmentally friendly day of the year—it’s Earth Day, the holiday dedicated to honoring our planet and pushing for people to take better care of it.

As you might expect, brands are commemorating Earth Day with campaigns, activations, new initiatives, heartwarming ads and other stunts.

The decision will impact all 700 family farms that are a part of the Ocean Spray cranberry cooperative, making it the first fruit cooperative in North America to commit to completely sustainable growing.

“At Ocean Spray, we don’t believe that impact is a part of our business, we believe that impact is our business,” said Christina Ferzli, head of global corporate affairs at Ocean Spray in a statement.

It affects us all.” Michael Preysman, founder and CEO of Everlane, said that the collaboration “felt like [a] natural extension of bringing both their work and our product together to customers to educate and inspire.”

In honor of Earth Day, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold its launching its own “ad blocker” to remove unsightly banner ads and replace them with photos of nature.

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