Transactional Analysis or you can say TA is a unique kind of concept that is actually also referred as the model of communication. It was made by Eric Berne, a Canadian-born psychiatrist, in the year 1960. Basically, this is based on the basis that you always o communication with others from one of the three parts which is actually the ego stated of their personality.

Understanding that you can select which ego-state to talk from means that you can settle on options about how the transmission with someone leads to build up and if you want success or not.

Today, there are many big and renowned centers that offer Transactional Analysis training in order to prepare the participants with the skills and knowledge to perfectly use the behavioral points of their team and to comprehend TA concepts, and how to include them into a powerful management. The team leaders and managers are liable for delivering performance with the help of people and who have to know about the behavioral consequence of their actions.

The Three Ego States

It was Sigmund Freud who initially coined the phrase “ego states” to depict that part of ourselves that works in interactions with others. Eric Berne demonstrated that the manner you converse with, and respond to, others comes among the 3 of these ego states:

  • a Parent state: the "taught" state
  • an Adult state: the "thought" state
  • a Child state: the "felt" state.

Berne moved further by explaining 2 parent states, the nurturing parent as well as Controlling (or Critical) Parent; 3 child states, impulsive and playful, the Little Professor, inquisitive and exploring, and the Adaptive Child, rebelling or fitting in.

A Model of Communication

Here are some examples of transactions from distinct ego states.

  1. If you state, "What time's he expected?" and another person states, "At 2 o'clock", this is an Adult to Adult transaction. This is referred to as reciprocal transaction.
  2. If you state, "I'm concerned he'll be late", and another person states, "Don't be anxious, he'll be fine", this is an Adaptive Child to Nurturing Parent transaction. This is referred to as complementary transaction.
  3. If you state, "What time's he expected?" and another person states, "How be supposed to I know, I didn't arrange it!", this is Adult to Critical Parent transaction. This is referred to as crossed transaction.

The Importance of Transactional Analysis for Managers

When a transaction found to be successful, it is due to you responding to other people from the state anticipated, for instance, from the similar level or from Critical Parent to Adapted Child. When it falls short, it is due to you don’t. To return in sync with others, you can move to the state that the different person is in or transact from the adult state. Transactional analysis is an effective tool that managers can utilize to provide themselves sufficient alternatives while conversing and extra choices which responding, thereby building their abilities of effective communication.

If you are at a manager post, then taking Transactional Analysis Training would be beneficial for you to understand the behavior of the fellow workers.