Hello Orangescrummers! Here’s another good news for you all our cloud edition users. Now adjust Orangescrum to your expertise and needs by its ‘Quick Links’ & ‘Left Menu’ features. Easy navigation and left menu customization are in your hand. 

Orangescrum is flexible by its nature and, therefore, can be easily modified to become truly yours. We invite you to take a walk with us through this short customization guide and quickly shape Orangescrum to both your personal and professional needs.

It's always amazing to add new features by considering customers' needs and what would be the best for them.

What’s New Now?

Previously the left menu of Orangescrum’s user account was pre-defined. That means you can’t make any change to that. Suppose you don’t want Gantt chart on your left menu. But still, you had to keep that as those things were pre-defined.

But now there’s no need to compromise.

You can customize your Orangescrum account as per your wish.

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