The Orangescrum team received an interesting use case from a major European agency (who are now our customers – yay!) a few quarters ago.  They are a big organization with a complex hierarchy and a range of strategic & functional operational teams. They have been a victim of

  • Silo work approaches
  • Teams choosing their own tools
  • IT has no control over the data privacy spread across these tools
  • Aren’t confident of accurate billing
  • Executive Management is unable to see actual statuses of their initiatives

See one of the actual emails from a lengthy conversation below –

Consider the following example:

My Board takes a number of decisions, based on the materials on its agenda. The decisions distill to tasks, which have a responsible person and deadline. Sometimes the tasks are complex and require the collaboration of several people. Usually, tasks are assigned to Departments, which have to organize the operational work and deliver.

The point is how to organize the process in such a way, that:

  • The Board knows at any moment what is the status of all tasks, irrespective of domains, including a breakdown by due dates, assignees, etc;
  • The respective Department (Head) can break down the Board task into small pragmatic tasks and assign them to single persons for delivery
  • If needed various departments to be able to collaborate for the execution of the said task
  • The Department Heads and the participants to see and work only what is assigned to their department or their domain/task/project and not the full portfolio of the bank.
  • Reasonable system of notifications – not overly noisy. Preferably with options to configure what to notify on. The senior management certainly should not be notified on the status change of each task somewhere in the bank.

In brief, this is a concrete case we resolve now. Hope I made it clear enough.

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