Being agile and quick in business is vital as the pace of change accelerates persistently and agile project management is taking the lead.

Could "Agile" be the best method to choose for project management?

This has been an ongoing debate for years. Essentially there are 3 groups of project managers;

Traditional Project Managers- Generally, they use waterfall methodology and frequently refer to the PMBOK (i:e- Project Management Body of Knowledge). They follow the best practices, models, and templates for effective project management.

Agile Project Managers- They’re quite different from their traditional counterparts. They focus on the team and consider success to be team driven.

Then there are Traditional Project Managers who want to play in Agile Environments, so they start looking for specific tools and techniques that they can “borrow” from the agile approaches. Often these folks take more of a hybrid approach to project management and agile approaches have become their mainstream.

Cutting to the chase

I don’t think you can be “agile” by approaching your projects with the same tactics you’ve always used for traditional or waterfall projects!
Agile is a jargon that has been zooming around the business world for nearly 15 years. Managers want to be quick, alive, and agile to all possibilities when it’s about driving their business forward, especially in this increased competition period.

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