The Workplace by Facebook enterprise platform unveiled its Customer Resource Center to help businesses get started and use its tools more efficiently.

The portal’s Getting Started section includes guides to deploying Workplace by Facebook for smaller businesses and those with more than 500 employees, along with learning guides for administrators and users.

A section called Ways to Work in Workplace includes subsections on onboarding, executive visibility/accessibility, managing performance, crisis communications, amplifying company culture, learning/development and building culture.

The Customer Resource Center’s Trainings and Webinars area provides live virtual training courses applicable to all users, starting out with:

WP Basics: How to Work in Workplace, which provides an overview of work looks like once Workplace is rolled out and how to build a group structure to get work done.

Workplace Admin Fundamentals, focused on key decisions only admins and system admins can make that impact your whole organization.

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