Since the launch of mobile apps, consumers are becoming more contingent on their smartphones. Mobile app usage has increased to the point where people spend twice the time on mobile devices as they do on the desktop.

 When it comes to mobile apps, users demand great experiences. For better customer engagement, organizations focus on developing native apps for multiple operating systems alongside a mobile website, however, the process needs a substantial amount of efforts and time. What if, after spending a huge investment and time, the company’s website and a native app are worlds apart. Surely, there must be another way?

Well, with continuously evolving technology advancements, now there is a smart way which is Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

The Best of Both Worlds: Progressive Web Apps

Leveraging the potential modern web technologies, PWAs create mobile web experiences that are closer to those delivered by native apps. One of the biggest advantages of Progressive mobile development services is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded before use. Regardless, they work as web pages, but they offer all advanced functionalities like speedy caching, incredible user experience, and push notifications, GPS, etc.

How Progressive Web Apps Are Becoming A Promising Choice for Businesses?

There are significant benefits to using progressive mobile app solutions thus many businesses are switching from native apps.

  1. Minimum or Low Data Usage

When compared to native apps, PWAs use a fraction of data thus becomes a cost-effective solution for end users. Moreover, it requires less storage space on smartphones thus contributes to a better and optimum performance of devices.

  1. Do it the App-Way

Another benefit of progressive web apps is that they are designed as mobile apps but still have complete functionality of websites with dynamic data and smart database access. Moreover, one of the major selling points of native apps is push notifications. It helps to deliver personalized experience to customers. However, the progressive web also provides the same functionality now.

  1. Easily Expandable and Cross-Platform

Keep evolving with the latest market trends is the key to success. PWAs gives you an opportunity to add new bells and whistles step by step. Now, most of the browsers are compatible with PWAs thus mobile developers use all functionalities to its fullest. PWAs are cross-platform apps so it runs on different operating system and platforms, without a glitch. 

  1. Reduce Time-to-Market

It is not only easy to develop but also saves time by bypassing the app stores. Do you know, not all the apps are accepted by app stores? There are no restrictions on the web. Also, for updating the mobile app, the app undergoes the entire app store’s review process which could take days to publish. You can make changes in PWAs anytime, without any review time.

Ready to Create your Own Progressive Web App?

Developing a fast, intuitive, native-app-like experience isn’t an easy task. You need to consider a few points like which features you want or user experience. You can also consult Mobile App Development Companies who can not only help you in building a successful app but also guide you which features play an important role for app success. The future is quite bright. Start-ups or SMBs who don’t have a native app, it is the right time to explore the possibilities of PWA and improve witness a drastic boom in customer engagement and retention rates of your business.


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