At least three-quarters of Americans, including 96 percent of members of Gen Z, shit with their smartphones.

Among the top rated is an aluminum rack touting its “versatile convenience”: “the large, wide design not only holds your cell phone, it can be used as a rest for baby diapers, girl used pad ... or other accessories.”

I used to DM during every BM.

“Some have compared it to a religious experience, others an orgasm,” he says.

“Do the deed and get up,” Sheth advises.

Tudor Londoners hired “gong farmers” to schlep their droppings to the country, and land owners bequeathed dung heaps in their wills “because shit was worth something.” But the proliferation of private bathrooms in the 17th century, as psychoanalyst Dominique Laporte argues in History of Shit, accelerated the rise of individualism and negligence.

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