Choosing between IOS and Android is the longest fought battle which is still on the verge of a lot of no conclusion discussions. Both IOS and Android platforms serve distinguished purposes but, still depends on the business, which platform solves the purpose of the project.

Both platforms carry their specific advantages and holdbacks. While the businesses which have their focus on targeting the higher income group may choose IOS as the first option or the option to be considered in the first built. The ones who’re considering mass as their target may choose Android for their business requirements. The best possible option to make the right choice is to get in talks with the mobile app development company near you and get a detailed version of the pros and cons.

Well, we can investigate further through the various factors to be considered while choosing the appropriate platform-

Market Share

While the three platforms – IOS, Android and Windows lead the Mobile App Industry. But, only IOS and Android are topping the charts with approximately 95% share in the market. While Android still holds the grip with a better number. IOS users prefer to choose quality and app experience, while the Android ones incline on having basic necessities along with the advancements and similar look and feel.

User Loyalty

 Being loyal to your device or the operating system is an altogether different story. As per the latest researches, IOS users are more likely to stay with their devices and operating systems for long while Android users aren’t much loyal and more likely to switch devices frequently. Another aspect of hampering loyalty is the device life, Apple survival rate is a bit higher than any android devices.

App Revenue and Purchasing Capacity

Apple is at the higher cost scale in comparison to the Android devices, to no surprise an IOS owner is always ready to pay more which directly indicates a better revenue. It’s a fact that the average IOS app makes 45% more profit per customer than the average Android App. The cherry on the cake being, 10% more IOS users are willing to make in-app purchases.

Development Speed

Developing an Android app may take 2-3 times longer than IOS apps. The reason is the system release cycles and Android fragmentation. There are a huge number of active Android users at a time which makes the process slower. IOS, on the other hand, maybe speedy and get your app live on App Store quick!

Target Audience

It’s not just about app release and the layers covering it. You need to keep a check on your targeted audience. There can be two scenarios- IOS users may generally be the young and middle-aged generation who are educated and well versed with the technological advancements. In the case of Android, users might range from young to old but they might not be active and technology friendly.

As there may be There can be numerous parameters to decide the most appropriate platform, to begin with! Check for the suitable IOS or Android app development company in Dubai and get started with your app journey! 

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