Facebook had told 60 staffers that it was looking into its policy on manipulated media just two days before the doctored video of Nancy Pelosi hit the social network, according to a report.

On May 23, videos that were doctored to make House Speaker Pelosi appear like she was drunkenly slurring her words were spread across Facebook.

But during a meeting on May 21, Facebook staffers said they had "convened a working group to evaluate whether or not it needed an additional, more specific policy that tackled manipulated media," MarketWatch reported Thursday.

Pelosi, a Democrat from California, on Wednesday slammed the social network.

"We have said all along, poor Facebook, they were unwittingly exploited by the Russians," Pelosi told KQED News Wednesday.

"I think wittingly, because right now they are putting up something that they know is false.

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