Over the past few years, the quality of sound that you can expect for your money has been invisibly inching up.

As wireless and true wireless models have entered the mainstream, incumbent headphone companies have responded by making their wired models better, prettier, and more euphonic.

This $279 pair launched last year and elevated the affordable E series, highlighted by 2017’s cheap and lovely E2000, into a more premium segment.

I must say, I regret not getting ahold of an E5000 pair sooner because they really are worth the inflation in model number and price.

Starting with a comparatively small 6.4mm dynamic driver in each bud, the E5000s pump sound into a tiny cavity, through an acoustic filter, into a second chamber, and into the listener’s ear.

Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom exposes some treble weakness in the E5000s, which can sound a bit thin and undernourished up top.

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