In 2018, the speed record for the fastest tractor stood at 80.8 miles per hour.

In March of that year, BBC's Top Gear brought that figure up to 87.271 mph with its Top Gear Track-Tor.

Now, just over one year after that record was beaten, a construction company showed up and taught everyone a lesson in building fast tractors.

J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited, otherwise known as JCB because brevity matters, announced on Friday that it had captured the British speed record for a tractor.

Its 103.6-mile-per-hour sprint tacked on almost 25% more speed than Top Gear's tractor could scrounge up, but then again, JCB is a legit construction company and not a shade tree outfit of two Britons and Matt LeBlanc.

Behind the wheel for the effort was Guy Martin, a former truck mechanic turned motorcycle racer turned TV personality.

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