Before iPhones and Galaxies, before the Nintendo Switch or even the Pokémon Mini, the "it" device to have in your pocket was a Tamagotchi.

Now, Bandai—the Japanese toymaker that invented the Tamagotchi in 1996—has reimagined the Tamagotchi for a new generation.

The new Tamagotchi looks a lot like the old one.

It's not just meant to appeal to nostalgic adults, but to reintroduce the pleasures of the retro toy to a new generation of kids.

Find a Tamagotchi egg and you can raise it from babyhood to childhood all the way to adulthood, at which point you can marry them off or “breed” them with other Tamagotchis.

Tara Badie, Bandai America's director of marketing, says the company has updated Tamagotchi products throughout the years.

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