Native application development has surely reached the zenith of the game. This is primarily because the feature set of the platform is more frequently and recurrently updated. It makes hybrid app development harder and complicated. The two features that give native mobile application the edge over hybrid mobile application are performance and UX. These are primarily important for running highly interactive application which will have heavy graphics and animation. Other than that they are also required when the content needs to be refreshed very quickly. Some of the applications or type applications that will be supported are social media applications, games, reality applications, etc. For excellent android native app development in Vancouver, consider ATIMI.

This article focuses on understanding some of the major advantages of native app development. Understanding these advantages will help you understand how the use of native app for your business or for your start up will help the same.

Let us discuss the positive, the bright and the promising side of native application

One of the key aspects that all app developers look for is Smoothness as far as the work is concerned. Native app is able to deliver that. Other than that it delivers extremely fast operating speed. At the end of the day the outcome is flawless performance. A native app is native because it developed for a specific platform or operating system. One of the key aspects of native app is that they are capable of taking full advantage of the speed of the operating device or system.

  • native app offers the possibilities of Great design and user experience. One of the key examples supporting this is the implementation of sophisticated UX/UI design and animation.
  • a key aspect of Native app UI is that it allows the user to understand the idea and concept of navigation within the app more readily and quickly.
  • Good integration with the hardware of the device (e.g. camera, GPS, phone, touch screen)
  • also, a key benefit of using a native app us that it is much easier to be launched in the App Store. Native application has the upper hand as it truly complies with the guidelines of the operating system. This is what makes it so friendly and hence ‘native’.

    native application is able to offer better security and more reliability. What makes it so? If an app is developed natively it is checked by the app store and then it is approved.
  • native apps entertain the ability to operate offline. However, it is important that one has internet connection if there is a corresponding functionality required for native app development.
  • it is an established fact that native apps feel and looks great. They are easy to operate and they are capable of providing much better user experience.

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