And there's one other unanticipated impact: a potential hit to your wallet.

CNET's test of 5G services around the world, encompassing four countries, 11 cities and seven carriers, found a mixed bag of incredible speeds and wildly inconsistent coverage.

In short, 5G is going to be a shaky experience for anyone looking to make the leap, and we advise that you exercise a little patience before buying a 5G phone.

Growing pains are inevitable as new networks spring up, and that's all the more reason for carriers to resist the urge to charge extra fees for the privilege of accessing 5G services.

Verizon, for instance, waived the $10-a-month fee for 5G for customers who bought 5G Moto Mod or Galaxy S10 5G -- a smart move considering how small a footprint is available.

But the company should go the extra mile and eliminate the fee altogether.

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