Hello, Orangescrummers! I am back with another update for you. Now add reminders to a task to never miss your deadlines or appointments.

Considering you’re working on different projects, assigned multiple tasks, attending meetings, reviews, sometimes we might miss important deadlines, appointments or follow-ups.

Do you want to be reminded about these deadlines on a specific day and time?

Do you want to set reminders for your team members for critical tasks and events?

Well, you may forget, but Orangescrum will help you keep everything right under your thumb!

Whether it’s the due date of a task, deadline to generate a report or submit a proposal, sending invoices to your customers or invoice payments; just set a reminder and focus on your actual work.

When it’s time, Orangescrum will send you an email notification about the job or task so you can get things done at the right time.

How to set reminders to a task for you and your team?

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