They roam the halls like everyone else vying for slick shots of Harley Quinns, Batmans and Wonder Womans all dressed up.

Only she turned her lens on the less polished, quotidian moments of convention life: a Power Ranger riding an escalator, a young Spider-Man getting his costume adjusted, bonneted Offreds and Ofglens ordering lunch.

"I wanted to photograph it with my own eye," Shannon says, "to find the weird, wacky moments that maybe aren't classic Comic-Con beauty shots."

This weekend, 130,000 fantasy and sci-fi fans packed into the 615,700-square-foot San Diego Convention Center, a glass-encased building topped with fiberglass peaks as white and stiff as meringue.

Airport-style carpeting, weird lighting, and drab signage abound.

"It's the most boring space in the world," Shannon says, "but then there's all these colorful characters running around having a blast.

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