The recipients of FTTP will be in locations such as Newcastle, Doncaster, Chelmsford and St Albans, as well as four new locations in Scotland (thanks in part to rates relief from the Scottish government).

The new FTTP locations comes after Boris Johnson in June had called for a fibre rollout to ‘every home in the land’ in five years’ time (2025) – a decade earlier than current estimates

The government has in the past set a goal of 2033 for the rollout of fibre to all premises, a target Johnson, who was then the front-running the Conservative Party leadership candidate, called “laughably unambitious”.

Yet even BT’s Openreach subsidiary has previously said it is unclear how Johnson’s demand could be accomplished within five years.

Indeed, it is thought that there are 27 million homes in the UK still connected to Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC), which makes use of copper connections from the green street cabinet to the home.

“It requires £30bn and a physical build to more than 30 million front doors, from suburban terraces to remote crofts.

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