Project Management and Task Management are often used interchangeably by us. On the face of it, they do seem similar but there are quite a few differences that set them apart.

Also, it is important for us to understand, the key purposes that each of these solve.

In generic terms, you may say how it matters – both of them help us organize ourselves, our work and activities.

Agreed! To some extent yes. But that is not all they do.

If it were that simplistic, we wouldn’t have a whole industry spun off to help businesses manage projects and run distinct project management offices (PMO) within their organizations.

We will talk about that in a bit.

But before that, what is challenging or say confusing for some is to understand that fine line between project and task management.

Primarily because we are flooded with all sorts of software where some call themselves, task management software, collaboration tool, online workplace, work management software, project management tool, project collaboration tool and it goes on.

Quite a mouthful, huh J

Well, without getting lost in the marketing whirlwind let us stay focused on our core needs and what works best for us. More so, what to choose and when to switch between the two.

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