Businesses whether small, medium or large are run by their resources. We all know it.

You may have the best ideas and ground breaking technology at your disposal, but nothing moves unless your people (teams) follow, adopt & execute them.

Also, there has been a rising uproar and unparalleled focus on resource management in the recent years. Why has it is become so crucial to business success suddenly?

  • Advent of new technology at a break-neck speed?
  • Highly global, diverse and increasingly mobile customer base?
  • Remote, global and highly digital workforce?
  • Increasingly volatile competition landscape?
  • Declining profit margins?
  • Have we become paranoid?
  • All of the above?

Well, whatever the reason, businesses have got to get a handle on their resource management to stay profitable and ahead of their competition. No second guesses here.

Before, we continue further, I would like to share some real world project & resource management challenges from my discussions with customers during their journey from hunting to adopting a digital resource management software.

Thomas Aubry, Head of IT, DIAM, France says – “He had a tough time knowing how his resources were stacked against assigned tasks and how well were the resources utilized. He had no visibility to it”.

All he had was a huge task list across projects under his vast portfolio, but no idea who were executing them, when are they expected to complete and what is their progress.

In other words, if you were to ask him – what is the status of Task A and who is working on it; and all you would get is a blank stare and a possible scratching on the head exercise.

I wouldn’t want to be in such a situation and neither did Thomas!

Similarly, Hayley Turner, CEO, Hailstorm Development, USA has a team of vibrant self-motivated remote team members across the United States. And her challenge was not knowing if she can take up new projects and of what size and duration. No visibility of her company’s resource availability.

And then we have Bill Sabatine, VP of Technical Services, Chroma Systems Solutions,Inc., USA who often ran into project and product development delays as he couldn’t access resources across his engineering, product testing and customer implementation teams.

Issues were being reworked and none of these three teams knew what the other was doing in real-time. Basically lack of cross-functional collaboration & significant resource allocation and resource utilization chaos.

What is the common theme across all the 3 distinct scenarios and what is its impact?

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