We are delighted to announce that starting today Orangescrum provides two-way integration with GitHub.

With this release, you can create, collaborate and manage all your GitHub issues directly from Orangescrum or Github instantly.

This integration is fruitful for the IT and product development teams who use Github to share or collaborate code and monitor code issues.

Most developers, IT teams and agencies use GitHub to organize, release and track issues on their code. If an issue is raised for your code, you will get an instant notification from Orangecrum and the issue will be created as a task for you in Orangescrum.

We make your task and issue management easier by bringing them together on a single platform of your choice.

GitHub or Orangescrum you are always on top of your tasks and issues so that you focus on delivering quality products for your customers.

With GitHub integration, you can sync the following data:-

  • Task Title
  • Task Description
  • Comments
  • Task Status

 Currently, tasks type, labels, file attachments, sub-tasks, assigned to details are not being synced. However, we are working on this.

If a task is in New, In-progress or Resolve status in Orangescrum, in GitHub, the task will be assigned to Open status. For closed tasks in Orangescrum, GitHub assigns status as Closed.

If a task that is Open in GitHub, it will be default assigned as status New in Orangescrum.

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