A team of researchers recently developed a robotic exosuit that makes it easier to walk or run long distances.

It could imbue average people with superhuman walking abilities, aid the disabled, and help soldiers on long marches.

It works by assisting your movements with robotics, thus lowering the metabolic load – how much energy you have to spend to do something – it takes for walking and running.

According the team’s research paper:

We show that a portable exosuit that assists hip extension can reduce the metabolic rate of treadmill walking at 1.5 meters per second by 9.3% and that of running at 2.5 meters per second by 4.0% compared with locomotion without the exosuit.

These reduction magnitudes are comparable to the effects of taking off 7.4 and 5.7 kilograms during walking and running, respectively, and are in a range that has shown meaningful athletic performance changes.

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