Audio-Technica has been a pioneer of transducer technology for more than 50 years and has since manufactured studio cans that are supposedly meant to be hardwired directly into a soundboard.

With the increasing demand for wireless headphones, the company finally cut the cord and gave us the ATH-M50xBT.

Normally ringing in at $199, snag the pair of studio-grade headphones at a sweet 20% discount on Amazon.

The ATH-M50xBT comes in a minimalistic satin black finish accentuated with silver rings on the exterior of both its earpieces.

Comfort was definitely considered in its heavy-duty build as both the headband and ear cups are completely padded.

Audio-Technica may have gone wireless with Bluetooth 5.o but you can expect the ATH-M50xBT to deliver the same sonic signature you would find in its wired counterpart (ATH-M50x).

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