Across the corporate landscape, the length of a chief marketing officer’s tenure with a company is becoming shorter, with the average now roughly less than the amount of time it takes to get a college degree.

A new analysis released by Spencer Stuart, a leadership consulting firm, illustrates the trend of CMOs on the move in nearly every industry, from hospitality to tech and retail, with the average length of their tenure dropping to 43 months.

The study was a supplement to the firm’s annual CMO tenure tracker, which has followed the careers of chief marketers at 100 of the most advertised brands since 2004.

These include heavy hitters like Netflix, whose CMO retired in July after seven years with the streaming service; McDonald’s CMO Silvia Lagnado left in July after just shy of four years with the company, which created two new positions to fill her role; and also in July, Uber laid off a third of its marketing team including CMO Rebecca Messina, who had been with the rideshare service for only nine months.

“The volatility of the job has continued—it’s not slowing,” Welch said.

“If you look at some of these sectors, it’s a little out of control.”

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