Have you ever met someone who tried to offer you a help to get your loan process done conveniently and hassle free? Have you ever met any mediator who tried helping you out when you fail in the loan process with your chosen bank? If you have ever me such guys, who were those guys in actual?

Actually those guys were the Direct Selling Agents who are associated with some banks and other NBFCs and surely they aren’t any scams! These guys genuinely have their process ready, and hold the capability to help you out and in a way the help which we call as is a business for those guys!

Let us give you a detailed introduction of those Bank DSAs!

Who are Bank DSAs?The Bank DSAs are the direct selling agents of any particular bank and may be called as referral agents, who went through the Bank DSA Registration process to become Bank DSA.

Responsibilities of Bank DSAs

These people hold the responsibility to find the prospects for the banks that are looking for some products like bank loans etc. These Bank DSAs hold the key responsibility to carry out the initial process of the Bank loan of the customers they have grabbed. Any DSA, who is carrying out the process of loan, is a registered DSA who went through the Bank DSA Registrationprocess and has been complete insights over the process. Let’s take a quick sneak into the responsibilities of Bank DSA:

  • Procuring the completed application from customers
  • Conducting and ensuring a check of application and documents
  • Submitting the completed application process at the portal given to them

Are you instead feeling the bumps in your stomach to be a Bank DSA and carry out your own business?

Bank DSA Registration Process

The Bank DSA Registration process is a simple one, and anyone who wants to be a Bank DSA can opt for it to become self employed and carry out own work. The Bank DSA Registration process may vary from one bank to another. Let’s take a look at the general Bank DSA Registration process:

  • Contact Bank or NBFC through any means (online/offline)
  • Know the necessary conditions like Payment and charges
  • In some NBFCs and Banks, you won’t be charged to become a DSA, while others may charge you any particular amount
  • Furnish the necessary documents like identity proof etc
  • After the verification of the documents is done, the team of that Bank or NBFC will contact you with the further process
  • A Bank DSA Registration agreement will be provided to you and you need to fill in all details and agree to it.
  • The DSA Code will be allotted to you once you are approved
  • As soon as you get it, and you get the access for the portal, you can begin uploading Loan prospects details

The Bank DSA Registration process is quite a simple one, which offers a genuine chance to the people to become self employed! Grab the chance!

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