This is the fashion world satirized by Zoolander and Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Brüno; where wearability and even sartorial attractiveness is deprioritized in favor of crazy designs and artistic boundary pushing.

Kate Rose’s clothing line Adversarial Fashion is as confusing as anything you’ll find on any catwalk in the world.

They were discussing the rise of automatic number-plate recognition technology, which has been widely adopted in the U.S. at city, county, state and federal levels.

The American psychologist Abraham Maslow once pointed out that to a person who has only a hammer, there’s a tendency for everything to look like a nail.

As a person drives around and is captured by multiple cameras, automatic number-plate recognition systems provide a constantly-updated means of monitoring their approximate (or even specific) location.

“It was pulling in data from misclassified things like billboards and picket fences.

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