Audio-Technica has announced a brand new high performance turntable with a price that belies its features, and two pairs of wireless headphones to increase its presence in this competitive space.

This is Audio Technica’s solution for vinyl fans who want more than a cheap turntable, but can’t justify the massive price tags attached to range topping players.

What makes the AT-LP5x special is the built-in phono/line pre-amp, so you can hook it up to a set of powered speakers, your existing stereo setup, or a computer and listen to records straight away, yet still having the option to buy a separate amp later on.

The warm vocals paired with a sweet and punchy bass line made it a joy, especially with a pair of the company’s own ATH-W1000Z headphones running through an amp.

The sleek, minimalist player is heavy enough that it stays planted on a flat surface, and the feet have suction cups to keep it in place.

The J-shaped arm is a nod to Audio-Technica players from the 60s and 70s, looks suitably cool and retro, while the design helps to avoid tracking errors along with an adjustable anti-skate setting.

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