Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing industry requires doing away with any manual activities which can delay the production and assembly lines.

RPA enables manufacturing companies to get products to consumers faster by automating lengthy approval process, offering real-time insight into business performances, and help to scale quickly by bridging legacy systems with new technology.

RPA helps to streamline BOM to be error-free and more agile with real time access to stock quantities and alert any consignment delays.

Monitoring the freight and carriers entering and leaving the warehouses is a nightmare and often leads to delayed shipment of the product to customer.

With Robotic Process Automation in place, different logistics and supply chain systems can be integrated and the Bots can be configured to frequently check the shipment status and update customer of ETAs, identify and report any delay in delivery, build an intelligent system to calculate different carrier shipment charges and map the ideal carrier for a shipment.

Serving customer enquiries around the clock is a challenge to any organisation.

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