Have you ever noticed how the formulas that companies Collagen Refresh Lemonade Review claim to be the best facial cleanser are always arranged on the shelf not just by brand, but by scent? You will always find each of the scents in bottles that are quite striking in color, with each hue meant to represent the aroma that the product emits. All of this color makes for a rather pleasant shopping experience doesn't it?Everything is visually appealing, and all of the scents mix in the air from the various products. It is just a shame that this first experience with these products is going to be the last pleasant effect that they have on you. You will generally be disappointed in the effectiveness of these formulas and worse yet the ingredients used to develop these cosmetics just might make you ill.

The fact is that the so called best facial cleanser is going to be primarily composed of chemical agents as ingredients. How would I know this off the top of my head, without ever seeing the product in question? I know this because it is the practice of virtually every cosmetics company to include the use of attractive scents in their skin cleansers, but these scents are not produced the way that you think.

Most people tend to think that these aromas are naturally produced, when in fact they are formed using various combinations of chemical agents. In fact, there are over four thousand different chemicals involved in the production of scent in cosmetics products. These chemicals can have an effect on the central nervous system, causing depression, hyperactivity, and irritability.

Many of these ingredients have also been proven to be toxic or carcinogenic, which should really make you think twice about using formulas containing them on your skin. This why you will not find any of these chemical agents present in a formula that could truly be considered as the best facial cleanser. The all natural compounds in your skin care formulas should simply have an "earthy" smell.