But what of Server 2008 or... Windows 7?

Microsoft has blinked and told customers that support for Exchange 2010 is to be kicked back from 14 January 2020 to 13 October of the same year.

The move comes after the company took a long, hard look at just how many installs of its elderly email server were out there and realised that users simply weren't migrating at a pace that suited the dreams of Redmond.

The Redmond gang admitted that killing off support for something that keeps many an organisation ticking over "can be an adjustment" and so have allowed administrators until 13 October before they really, really, really have to get off the platform.

Admittedly, some companies are deep in the middle of migrations to either the latest and greatest on-prem version or are bravely headed cloudwards with Office 365 and Exchange online.

However, a sizeable chunk are quite happy with something that, after all these years, is pretty "popular and reliable".

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