Dry feet and cracked heels are not only Clear Nails Plus Review irritating and uncomfortable; they can also be extremely dangerous once they turn severe. People who do not know the real important of skin care for the feet are those that are commonly plagued by these problems. You'll know that you are one of them if you think that your feet are 'slightly prone' to diseases and dilemmas only because you keep them mostly enclosed in foot wear.

On the other hand, this is in fact the exact reason why our feet need more attention than our faces or other parts of our body. The mere fact that they are mostly kept inside footwear, not to mention that they are the most used part of the body, means that they are most prone to the development of bacteria that can lead to dilemmas such as dry feet, fungus, cracked heels, and calluses.

Fortunately, there are foot treatments which we can easily access now to help us cope with these problems. The only catch here is to choose the best foot cream to use for your case. At present, there are numerous brands out in the market so it can be a little difficult for consumers to choose the best foot cream to use. For a brief guide, however, you can try to look at the ingredients of the product as your basis.

For dry feet, for example, you can look for super sterol liquid. This component is a cholesterol based ingredient which is very effective in healing damaged and dry feet. It works by healing the chapped skin by repairing the damaged tissues and putting a protective layer over the skin. Another good ingredient to watch for is Neem oil. It not only works in healing dry skin, it also has anti-fungal properties and anti-inflammatory ingredients.