Running and jogging are a great form of exercise. Nerve Shield Plus Review Nerve Shield Plus Review Sure, running can be great for your heart, but what about your kneesWhether you love running, or like to occasionally go for a jog, sharp knee pain can take you out of the race almost immediately. If you have been sidelined by sharp knee pain when running or jogging, you may be tempted to throw in the towel on the sport. But do not throw in the towel just yet! Read on for a helpful way to reduce knee discomfort and stabilize your knee! While simply not running or jogging may be one way to avoid sharp knee pain, you may have other options that can keep you in the race.

Whether from injury or overuse, at some point, most runners experience sharp knee pain when running. The knee discomfort problems you are having can subside with rest and various training improvements (i.e. better running shoes, cutting back on downhill running, changing the surface you run on, etc.). Some athletes find that icing the knees after a run helps to reduce the pain. However, if the sharp pain persists, worsens, or recurs whenever you are running, it is important to have the problem evaluated by a qualified medical specialist.

The area of the knee where the sharp pain occurs can serve as a good indication of the possible cause of the pain when running. For instance, if the sharp pain is more localized within the joint line (interior) knee, the cause of the pain may be the menisci. However, if the sharp pain is primarily in the front of the knee, the cause may be related to the patella (kneecap). Either way, even if training improvements, rest and the application of ice do alleviate the pain, chances are, if you continue running, the pain will return.