American tuner Hennessey is well known for its work with V8-engined, high-horsepower muscle cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang.

It will visit Porsche territory for the first time by releasing an array of aftermarket parts designed to fit the Taycan, the German firm’s first series-produced electric model.

The Taycan stands out as the first Porsche Hennessey has ever worked on, and it’s also the first electric car it has put its hands into.

Company founder and CEO John Hennessey explained his team has wanted to modify electric cars for a while, and the Taycan is the right platform to start with because it’s quick right out of the box.

The upgrades available from the Texas-based tuner will initially be limited to fairly basic parts like alloy wheels, stickier tires, and new-look interior components, though photos of the upgraded cabin haven’t been released yet.

Renderings show a wide vent right below the hood that reminds us of the 911 GT3.

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