A few days ago, the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 9Pro smartphone alongside the Mi Mix Alpha.

The Mi Mix Alpha as per Xiaomi is a concept phone, but one that could reach the mass market soon as the Mi Mix lineup has always been Xiaomi’s testing ground and most innovative lineup till date.

Alongside both devices come the Android Pie-based MIUI 11 with a completely new design, and an updated camera app which brings us to the latest revelation from the guys at XDA forum.

A xiaomi phone capable of 8K videos and 30fps is likely in the making.

Digging down into the latest MIUI Camera APK to find new features, a junior XDA Junior Member kackskrz found evidence of inclusion of strings for capturing UHD/8K videos at 30fps.

The string found within the MIUI 11 beta reveals specifically referenced support for 7,680 x 4,320 resolution or 8K videos at 30fps.

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