Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant -MARKET ADVISORY SERVICES

Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant Market is estimated to reach.

Increasing demand for plastics, because of lesser airframe weight and fuel savings is expected to drive market growth.

Additive flame retardants are mainly phosphate esters and halogenated phosphates, halogenated hydrocarbons, antimony oxides, and aluminum hydroxides.

Plastics are widely used in aerospace decks, wings, airframes, cabins, rotor blades, cushion foams and other interior components.

High performance engineered products such as glass reinforced plastics (GRP), polyimides, polycarbonates and even epoxies are rapidly gaining importance over conventional materials.Major companies operating in the worldwide Aerospace Plastic Flame Retardant market are RTP Company, Albemarle Corporation, Huber Engineered Materials, and Chemtura Corporation.

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