Sportswear firm Adidas has let one of its edgier design divisions off the hook, to such an extent that it's produced a range of gardening-inspired outdoor wear and hired celebrity TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh to – ironically we suspect – sell it to the public.

It's the latest high-end, limited edition output of the Adidas Consortium Workshop, which says the clothing should appear to "avant-gardeners" with an interest in "horti-couture."

We suspect they may have come up with those terms first, then created the clothing to follow.

The end result is some very expensive trainers that are browner than usual, plus a jacket with a few more pockets than you usually get, also in a sort of brown.

You can also do gardening in normal shoes and clothes, you know, just be careful not to walk compost into the house and be aware that the constant kneeling and crouching quickly destroys trouser knees; although that does also seem to be fashionable if I'm not mistaken?

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