The company’s new credit card-sized Tile Slim is designed to track your wallet, while the small, puck-shaped Tile Sticker is meant to be stuck onto laptops, TV remotes, skateboards, and bicycles.

It’s about as thick as three credit cards, but I basically forgot I was carrying it around with me by the end of the week.

When Tile first told me about the Tile Sticker (which is available in a two-pack for $39.99), I was initially most excited to try attaching it to my bicycle, since theft rates in my neighborhood are notoriously high.

This DIY solution survived a couple of cycle rides, but it never felt completely secure, and I was a little worried the Tile Sticker was going to drop off.

Impressively, when its adhesive finally did give way to my efforts to remove it, there wasn’t any sign on the laptop’s surface that something had been so firmly attached.

I like the idea of a tracker that’s designed to attach to anything, but you have to have reasonable expectations of what the Tile Sticker can attach to.

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