The majority of women don't know what breast densities", but this is one of the biggest risk factors for getting breast cancer.

" I think that when mammography screening programs should ask if you have dense breasts and demand an answer, and says Dieroff the Hay, the chairman of the Bröstcancerförbundet.

the Survival rate of breast cancer has doubled, thanks to the English mammografiprogrammet, but according to the Bröstcancerförbundets report of 2019, the need of the studies to be upgraded, and the individanpassas.

it is well-established in mammografiscreeningen which is a readily available and low-cost method of discovered, with an estimated 60 per cent of the bröstcancerfallen, but in order to gain access to the remaining 40% is required in the other methods, and sometimes the other, undersökningsintervall, according to the report.

a Greater risk for women with dense breasts.

in Women with dense breasts have a four-to six-fold higher risk of developing breast cancer.

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