Samsung has gotten a lot of flack for its heavily modified Android UX, formerly called TouchWiz.

It has changed it ways and the software’s name over the past years but, truth be told, it just can’t full throw away all the custom changes and features it has accumulated over the years.

Unsurprising, when it announces the start of the Android 10 beta program for the Galaxy S10, it focuses not on what Android 10 itself brings but what changes users can expect from One UI 2.0

Some might argue that Samsung made a rather unfortunate turn in One UI, the successor of Samsung Experience which, in turn, was the successor of the reviled TouchWiz.

It may have overshot its target of emulating Android 9 Pie’s love of rounded corners and have taken it to the extreme.

One UI 2.0 with Android 10 will seemingly dial that down, at least as far as the size of some UI elements is concerned.

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