When Apple Arcade launched last month, it included a lineup of more than 70 games, with a number of standout hits like Card of Darkness and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

One of Apple’s requirements is that titles on Arcade must be available in more than 14 languages, which opens up these experiences to often-ignored markets and languages.

The pair says it was worth the effort.

Development on Tangle Tower actually started years ago, but it was put on pause when the small studio partnered with Nintendo on Snipperclips, an adorable puzzle game that was one of a small number of Switch launch titles.

But once that game and its expansion launched, the pair turned their attention back to their detective game concept.

“Post-translation, the localized content is implemented in the build, and we then have another set of eyes to go through the translation to make sure that it is actually accurate when playing the game… All these sanity checks, together with contextualisation allow for the translation to flourish and help engaging further the players into the game, increasing player experience.”

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